Candace Hokett

Candace Hokett is a Digital Media Industry Market Researcher with 8+ years of experience, including managerial positions in the market research and insights departments at Macy’s, BET a ViacomCBS network, and Refinery29. She works with Research Narrative to conduct custom research, manage projects (including events, marketing, and social media), and provide client and editorial support.


+ As Research and Insights Manager at Refinery29, Candace was responsible for community management of the research panel, hosted by industry platform, Vision Critical. She also worked with sales, experiential, editorial, creative, and design teams to lead studies that glean insights on how to craft the best communication strategies for all R29 partnerships

+ Throughout her career, she has been conducting quant and qual  multicultural research for new product assortments in the retail industry, new TV shows and program testing in the cable television industry, as well as editorial and advertising research  in digital media. She especially loves concept testing, conducting in depth interviews, and attitudinal segmentations

+ She also has an eye for content strategy, social media and brand marketing, where she’s supported many VC backed startups on their own social platforms.


Candace has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, with a minor in Fashion Merchandising, from Howard University. Candace brings her digital media industry knowledge, support for  and passion for entertainment to

She’s been to 17 countries and is also a celebrity stylist, and custom suit designer!

My Favorite Re Word:


The art of taking something old--and potentially undefined-- and giving it a new meaning is both a resourceful and innovative way to live. Discovery brings new meaning and I like to live my life in a constant state of discovery. Whether I'm creating in research or within the fashion world, there's always some aspect of inspiration I'm pulling from past traditions. The best part about creation, however, is allowing freedom for new methods, ideas, and practices to add value to what we already know.

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